MiUi 1.5.20 erschienen

pünktlich zum Freitag erschien wieder das neueste MiUi-ROM für das HTC Desire. das Changelog nach der Googleübersetzung aus dem Chinesischen liest sich wie folgt:


  • – Add Global perfect expression of support Emoji
  • – Add automatic switch-GPS positioning to enhance positioning speed (see Settings -> Personal -> My Location)
  • – Add Defy to upgrade to the latest kernel (ring solution is set to mute or default problem)
  • – Optimization of the default server to China GPS, users can manually switch to another region


  • – When the lock screen repair calls, hang up when the other side does not answer the question will be unlocked
  • – Fix some cases, directly into the lock screen will display the password screen problem
  • – Repair if the number of new contacts with existing contacts, as dial-up list will appear in the question does not correspond to
  • – Hang up the phone when optimizing the interaction


  • – Add Accessories Menu – “Enter the expression in the expression of new Emoji
  • – Added restored SMS SP Number Display (banks, operators and other letters will display name)
  • – Add a custom message style preview
  • – SMS notification tone repair the problem into ringtones


  • – Add click on the contact picture support to quickly add to the blacklist
  • – Fix error problem Lunar birthday (Please set before the Lunar New students must re-set birthday again)
  • – Repair View Contact phone number will be different prefix combined display problems (such as 600,17951, etc.)
  • – Optimization View contact list shows the current letter positioning alphabetical index


  • – Repair answer a call when ringtone preview online, ringtones concert background playback problems


  • – Repair thumbnail display problem in the wrong direction
  • – Fix the problem blank thumbnails


  • – New songs fade effect when switching the control switch (can fade off in the settings)
  • – Add volume to select a song removed, removed, to avoid misuse confirmation pop
  • – Repair using a local picture as album art, in the player and the lock-screen display ambiguous
  • – Fixed equalizer cause the player problems FC
  • – Led to the SD card fix the problem playlists and playback control status can not remember the question
  • – Fix delete the current pause songs, next song will have a direct playback problems


  • – New music player online to download songs using the system’s download manager
  • – Add to download the contents of the menu, delete the download tasks and functions to delete download history
  • – Optimized to ensure that the system downloads up to 5 simultaneous downloads, download up under the same domain name 2

Lockscreen / Statusbar

  • – Reduce the lock-screen animation optimization of CPU occupancy charge
  • – Lock screen when charging optimize the efficiency of the phone


  • – Add NS, I9000 support the front camera


  • – Add local backup support backup alarm settings
  • – Add local backup support backup system settings (including telephone and SMS settings) (beta)
  • – New Online Backup Backup Details to view additional features
  • – Optimization of local priority recovery program data recovery, then restore the desktop layout
  • – Notice the progress bar fix the backup problem will be removed
  • – APP backup repair quits unexpectedly, the backup progress from the notice board when the FC into the backup APP


  • – Lunar leap month fix the problem does not show

Das ROM und die zugehörige Sprachdatei findet Ihr wie immer im MiUi Artikel.


Über Brain McFly

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