MiUi 0.12.3 erschienen

mit einem riesigen Changelog erschien heute das MiUi-ROM auch in deutscher Übersetzung

im MiUi-Artikel gibt es das ROM und die deutsche Sprachdatei zum Download

hier das Changelog als Google-Übersetzung aus dem chinesischen (macht nicht alles Sinn, aber man weiß, was so gemeint ist ;o) )

0.12.3 version of the update list

Suggest a feature

1. Anti-disturb features black and white lists (entrance 3: telephone program menu, SMS program menu, settings> Personal> Anti-disturb)

2. Backup New: SMS / telephone record / backup to the SD card contacts


Add the current theme custom settings, supports change the text color, text messages can be set to modify the current theme.

Add new text messages prompted the recent contacts for quick selection.

Added support for message acknowledgment tone or vibration feedback, you can modify the settings in the text.

Add to set the contents of hidden messages in the status bar to display only the names to the information.

Add filter set optimized to increase landline number to select multiple recipients provide fast pace.

Fix the problem head dislocation

LED lights when the repair to the color settings SMS

Deleted text messages can not fix, there’s the phenomenon of empty theme


New flashlight function key shortcuts in the notification bar switch 14 open.

New Growth Press „Back button“ to close the current and background programs.

New Growth Press „Home button“ add a key lock screen functionality.

Fix the problem for a number of topics.

Repair lead to another case icon is missing.

Issues related to the repair folder.

After repairing power to set off the problem does not return to normal mode.

Repair under certain circumstances the lock screen when playing music cause excessive cpu resources

Lock repair specific cases display is abnormal

Repair specific cases, no signal due to abnormal boot

Result of repair calls for theme module FC

Fix a particular case, notification bar shows two „China Mobile“ issue

Repair theme package file name contains special characters cause problems can not be applied

Repair particular case, the desktop icon disappeared

Repair after the commencement of the status bar notification bar background inconsistencies

Repair rule changes the low battery power settings, restart the rehabilitation of post-

Down-delay optimization of lock screen 30 seconds into force

Down the status bar shortcut buttons optimized sorting algorithm

Optimization from the drop down bar to open the Bluetooth status bar, automatic open „can be found“ for 1 minute


Repair can not change the tone in the setting of the problem.


Add Click the option to blacklist strangers Avatar

Crash repair Fackbook Contact


Add black and white list settings support intercept phone or SMS, in a telephone set / SMS settings or menu settings in the open.

MIUI backup

Added support for backup contacts, call records, text messages to the SD card.

Optimize backup interface.

MIUI network disk

Added support to pause the download page.

Optimization of network disk interface.

MIUI Music

Repair Click song is playing, the bottom strip „play / pause“ shows the wrong question

Add to „Playlist“ and „like“ button to add the two-state operation

Fix the playlist, move up and down during songs highlight the issue dark green

Add music page menu add „Exit“ button, which allows exit app


Optimize the factory’s machinery to support the latest upgrade to join NSL_UTF8.ko

Über Brain McFly

Rooter aus Leidenschaft, Nerd, Erklärbär ;o)