MiUi 0.12.11 erschienen

wie immer im MiUi-Artikel zu finden

Das Changelog als Google-Übersetzung:

Suggest a feature
1. The new beta version of the file manager! Can be categorized view, manage SD card and wireless management of your files.
2. Optimized „tamper“ feature that allows complex setup simple.
3. Online music, Massive Music Unlimited Love, a key to download directly to the playlist

Add text messages quickly remove recipient
Add letters flying letters flying friend icon displayed
Repair deleted text messages do not update the session of time.
Repair in the session to remove the session in the mid-point of the menu problem can not be deleted.
SMS popup repair procedures are available on all pop up.
Optimization of the theme message for the interface.

Added support for exporting contacts to SIM card
Add contact details to support IP phone call long press
Add selected contacts interface supports multiple choice and select all shortcut
Edit Contact multiple numbers fix to remove a number of dislocation when the UI

Optimization to speed up the startup speed of a desktop.
Fix the problem folder to close unexpectedly.
Repair lead to another case icon is missing.
Fix lock screen shortcut key to return to the drop-down notice switch.
Unicom repair notification bar operators do not see the information problem.

Optimization of interface adjustment.
Add a stranger one ring switch

MIUI backup
Optimization of interface adjustment.
Optimize the backup text messages are no longer close communication.
Optimized by adding the user prompt.

MIUI Music
Add online music.
New 4 * 4 music widget.

MIUI File Manager
Add new file manager.

Add system-LED lights, Milestone, and Desire of the LED light set.
Add program – start, desktop graphics quality switch.
Add program – starters, whether permanent memory switch.

GPS can not get time to improve the problem
Electronics market, GMail update to the latest version
Read phonetically

Above is the chnagelog for 12/10

Thanks to google translate

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