MiUi 1.4.29 erschienen

So, mein Rechner läuft wieder und es geht mit voller Karft an die aktualisierung der Brutzelstube 😉

Die neueste Version des AOSP-Roms aus China findet Ihr im MiUi Artikel

Changelog – Google-Übersetzung aus dem Chinesischen ;)


  • – SIM card reader repair FC problems caused by failure
  • – Hang up the phone will sometimes fix the problem FC (GPRS connection causes)
  • – Optimized answer, hang up the animation more fluid, moving more smoothly
  • – Optimized phone set interface
  • – After the repair part of the phone can not close the screen hang up issue
  • – Allow third parties to monitor the telephone repair events set the APP part of the problem does not work
  • – Fix a black screen when the phone select the “hang up complicated text of” direct black screen problem
  • – Optimization in dial-up interface, press “Call” button, to call the recent contact number (previously call a recently dialed number)


  • – Add new attachment menu and character expressions
  • – Repair restored the content of the message preview switch, and will automatically turn off password protected preview
  • – Repair from MMS mailbox 139 can not read the question
  • – SMS in the face at the top of repairing the problem by cutting
  • – MMS repair some cases the text is cropped at the bottom of the problem
  • – Optimization of the lock display controller is not reading the word if no text messages, text messages pop will not unlock
  • – Optimization of the message list and added to the session can drag the scroll bar
  • – Optimization of call in the strange mass edit the contact’s visual presentation
  • – Optimization of a collection of messages displayed in the session Shoucang Star
  • – Delete the text message conversation optimized batch Shoucang


  • – Repair in the group, adding the problem can not use search


  • – Add a local song list from AZ Sort by adding
  • – Add memory last played song list and play schedule
  • – Music fragmented files optimized to improve filtration efficiency
  • – Fix solution to add music playlists in order of non-problem by adding


  • – Optimize image leaflets through the pages automatically hide the toolbar mode
  • – Repair leaflets browse page pictures, delete the current image, the next picture shows the bug is not clear
  • – Repair of the clock into the slide mode, the bug FC Gallery
  • – Repair leaflets browse page image, rotate the picture toolbar caused by the bug FC
  • – Select a picture sort will fix the problem confusion
  • – Repair through the gallery video library to see Buzai FC problem
  • – Repair leaflets browser click the menu button images, toolbars, pop-up then press the Menu key issues can not be recovered
  • – Rotate the image restoration picture Single browser to jump back to the first question


  • – Optimized playback mode delete the photo without re-affirmed
  • – Repair MS \ Desire auto focus is no longer disabled
  • – Repair using residual effects after the issue exit panel
  • – Mute camera repair operation there will be other than the question tone
  • – Fix flash in the anti-shake mode, set the invalidity of
  • – Fix the playback mode the problem can not afford to delete the photo deleted
  • – Play video card fix the problem HD2 (thanks to forum users)


  • – Repair system pack comes with preview of the theme is not the right questions
  • – Optimal re-design the play button ring list page, and to click on an area,
  • – Repair amended to delete Buzai theme wallpaper in the package leaflet tips
  • – Click the Apply button in quick succession repair multiple confirmation pop-up window problem


  • – Notes some of the data repair the problem will be lost


  • – Add recorder APP, in the recording menu screen to access audio files by list


  • – Optimization without notice, the status bar operators in the upper left corner displays information
  • – Repairing flight mode status bar still shows the bug operators information
  • – After repairing the boot status bar when the second charging failure bug charging animation
  • – China Mobile will sometimes fix display problem for the CMCC
  • – Under normal circumstances repair operator name text color changed from gray to white
  • – Fix notification bar will sometimes display problems left for no reason


  • – Add notes for local backup


  • – Dynamic Wallpaper is not commonly used in optimization is not preset, can be downloaded through the network disk
  • – Add dialing interface press * # * # 6484 # * # * Can into hardware detection mode (6484 = miui), detects proximity sensor light flu hardware devices problem
  • – Repair traffic monitoring, turn off the network settings app does not work a single problem
  • – Notice the volume fix the problem sometimes silent

Über Brain McFly

Rooter aus Leidenschaft, Nerd, Erklärbär ;o)