MiUi 1.5.6 erschienen

pünktlich zum Wochenende erschien wieder eine neue MiUi-Version:

das aus dem chinesischen nach english Google-übersetzte Changelog ist wie folgt:


  • – Add to upgrade to Android 2.3.4
  • – Add to upgrade I9000 kernel support automatic OTA


  • – Add one-time dial-up interface, enter the extension number (press * number and enter the extension number) system to automatically dial
  • – Primary repair fix the problem a number of emergency calls (such as the second emergency call will be FC)
  • – Repair, such as call forwarding number for the problem of empty sometimes FC
  • – Repair some of the services number recognition problem attribution error
  • – Desire can not be repaired during a call mute issue
  • – Fixed number of calls, hang up the issue will be FC
  • – Press the 1 key can not be fixed into the voice mail issue


  • – Add a new message repeated reminders, can set up their own reminder times
  • – SMS enabled fixed password, the lock-screen preview of the issue will show the content of messages


  • – Add Contacts Gregorian, Lunar birthday reminders
  • – When optimizing multiple accounts, SIM card, SD card contacts into the default account
  • – Optimization of the list of groups and collections consistent with the contact list display (show nickname, company)
  • – Fix select group, some cases will show an empty group of issues


  • – New theme has been downloaded a new version, the local theme prompted to update the list


  • – Fixed some problems library operations led FC


  • – Add song list page slide into the batch selected in edit mode
  • – Optimization is not easy to point the playlist songs and some misuse problems in
  • – Optimization to improve the control of the lock screen click on music response
  • – After the phone connected to the computer repair solutions, browse the contents of the missing issues playlist


  • – Optimization of a line in the list mode, delete the last character, no longer automatically move the cursor
  • – Optimization model as a list of any option is not checked, exit the list mode is not displayed in front of glyphs
  • – Repair open a notes, finger click the cursor somewhere in that location also stopped
  • – Repair to return a long list from the Edit page, if it is open notes, return to the list before the location; if the new notes, returned to top of the list


  • – Optimize the system will no longer block pop the top status bar
  • – Dynamic Wallpaper is cleared fix the problem


Das ROM gibt es inklusive dem deutschen Sprachpaket im MiUi Artikel zum herunterladen


Über Brain McFly

Rooter aus Leidenschaft, Nerd, Erklärbär ;o)